My Story

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m so glad you’re here.

This blog is a collection of my favorite recipes, kitchen tips, and life stories. I’ve been teaching high school nutrition and culinary arts for a few years and decided to share what I know with a much bigger audience. I have a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, 21st century “Home Ec”, but my true passion is in food. The majority of my cooking experience comes from my own intrinsic motivation and teaching myself so that I can teach others. You do not have to go to culinary school to teach culinary in a high school…CRAZY right?! In this case, passion and drive make up for credentials.

My food philosophy is this– eat better, feel better. Filling your body with good, nutritious food is the starting point to living a healthful, happy, and fulfilling life. And it doesn’t have to be flavorless, expensive, or full of salads (unless you like them!). The recipes you can expect to find here are good for the soul and the body 🙂

On a more personal level– I never turn down seconds, I love anything covered in cheese or chocolate, I enjoy hiking and sponging up random pieces of information (hello Facebook video vortex!).  I’m a teacher, an amateur food photographer, avid bookworm and proud cat mama. The most frequent question I’m asked is “what is your favorite recipe to make?”– crock pot buffalo chicken (recipe coming soon)!

I am always looking for new food experiences to try, recreate, and reinvent.

If you have new ideas you’d like to see on my site or would like to work with me, let’s get in touch!

Thanks for visiting!